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Moviebeam™ is a digital media and technology company providing the latest VOD solution for the hospitality industry along with FTG and Internet. We not only provide the latest pay-per-view movies, we also provide free titles and adult titles, all while generating revenue for the hotel.Our system allows customers to view as many titles as they would like free of charge and increases occupancy and the amount of repeat customers.

In addition to providing the latest movies, we customize each hotel’s entire guest directory, providing guests with an enriched hotel experience. This allows customers to view in house amenities such as restaurants, menus, spa and more. Outside vendors can also advertise on the Moviebeam™system, this providing another revenue generator for your property. Our world class customer service is available 24-7 to assist with any VOD issues.

With Moviebeam™ you are not be just another account number, you are truly a partner.
For us to be successful you need to be successful




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